Monday, May 19, 2014

I Think That Just Happened

Sometimes conversations with my daughter are a little difficult to follow. She doesn't actually have language yet, except for when she does, and so most of the time I'm just making up what I think she said based off of how the constant babble coming out of her mouth sounds. I think all parents do this.

But sometimes it's different. Sometimes she's very clear.

For example, an interesting conversation snippet just happened here.

Me: Lois, do you want to sit with me?

Lois: No, daddy. (Incoherent babble here that sounded like she was explaining how she was comfortable standing.)

Me: (Smiling because she's so adorable.) Lois, do you know that I love you?

Lois: I said I just wanna be friends, daddy. I want cheeseburger, please.

"Also, pull me around in this and fan me with large fans. Thank you!"