Friday, May 23, 2014

My Daughter: The Dork, The Awesome, The Adorable

 I don't care what anybody might say, my daughter looks absolutely amazing in my trilby and she has a look in her eye that just dares you to say otherwise.

 She loves wearing hats, whether they're fashionable or monstrous.
When she gives me looks like this, not even yet two-years-old, I know I'm going to be in trouble later on in life as she asks, doubtful, about every single decision I try to make for her about her life.

 We traveled to the Smithfield Plantation, me, Laura, Lois, and Auntie Amanda. After going through the whole guided tour Lois was a little bit fussy and bored. We let her outside and she wanted to run free without holding our hands.

She threw herself on the ground when we'd try to hold her hand.
She would throw a fit, and then try to take a nap.

She was a little bit tired.

 We're a week away from moving and Lois' sleep schedule has been absolutely destroyed. When we can get her to take her naps she is quite obviously wiped out.

Here, she is cuddling with Rompy and absolutely sound asleep.
This is my favorite new photo of Lois. We went to the Cascades, walked around, and let her play a little bit (though with the rushing water nearby she was never out of arm's reach and rarely free to roam on her own).

She started counting the rocks and placing them in her stroller. Later she played the "let's throw these rocks away" game but when this picture was taken they were her precious jewels.

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