Thursday, May 1, 2014

Picture Thursday!

We will be on the road tomorrow (and have been for a few days, thus the dearth of posts) so I'll put up some pictures today instead, from the trip we've been on to find an apartment in Chicago!

 First off, here is Lois, in case you've forgotten what she looks like in my absence. Just wanted to make sure to give you a reference photo.
 The doofus in blue is me. We were going in to watch the 4-D experience "Sea Monsters." It was pretty intense but Lois seemed to really enjoy it! I think I jumped more than she did at the parts that are made to make you jump.
 This is Lois standing in a penguin enclosure.

Okay. Go back and check the reference photo to find out if I'm just messing with you because I might be messing with you.
 She did this to herself, I SWEAR!
 Being a dad can mean being a sippy-cup rest. Knee, hand, face. You know, whatever. Even on vacation.
My new favorite picture of my daughter.
She liked playing with the trains, though she didn't quite understand what the track was for.
 This is me very carefully not yelling at the other little girl for slamming my daughter into the ground several times. The other little girl didn't mean to do it, she just had no idea how to gauge how much/little strength it took to teeter-totter.

Lois enjoyed herself and that's what mattered.
In the light of the shark tank at the Shedd Aquarium, my little girl who should have been taking a nap was having too much fun to sleep.

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