Saturday, May 10, 2014

That's Not What That's....Nevermind

I learned an interesting lesson today: Toddlers think weirdly.

When she first crawled in I was going to correct her, maybe help her sit in the actual seating area.

Then I thought about it: She's doing no harm, she's adorable, and she's not going to be hurt. Let her be, let her enjoy the world.

And she did.

She sat in here, contentedly, for about half an hour. Maybe it was only 5 minutes in actuality but anybody with a toddler will tell you that 5 minutes of toddler quietness feels like half an hour or longer.
 She wasn't even watching TV or anything. She just kicked her feet out, sucked her thumbs, and contemplated life.

 I snapped photo after photo, making sure I had at least a few good photos. She stared at the wall. Somehow I think she was happier than I was, even though I was thrilled with her adorableness.
 After a while she realized there was a camera. You can feel her rolling her eyes at me in this picture. Seriously, look at that face.

When she's a teen I am going to be in a lot of trouble and I just know I'm going to hear "You're embarrassing me to death daddy!"

And I will laugh.

Because I am evil.
 I was a little concerned about how she would get out and if she would need help but she showed me with ease that she didn't need any help at all, daddy is unnecessary.
Mostly unnecessary. Mostly.

Someone had to man the camera.

Otherwise, even when this happened, she wanted nothing to do with anyone helping her.

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