Friday, May 16, 2014

Picture Friday: It's Still Friday!

Today was a very busy day with Laura's graduation (she will henceforth be known as "Doctor Mommy," as Lois calls her) and so I'm a bit late on this but I have some great photos to share.

I don't wanna smile and you can't make me, daddy.
She was pointing out the window at trees, saying "Window, trees!"
The graduation was a little rough on the little one since it went on for several hours and she was expected to sit still.

She did extremely well but in the last half an hour or so she was done with the process. She had already seen mommy graduate so we went out and sat in the hall for a while.
Once we got to Chateau Morissette for Doctor Mommy's graduation celebration, Lois had spent most of the day cooped up and unable to run. There was a large field nearby where I allowed her to run off some of her energy while the other adults waited patiently inside for their food.

These pictures were difficult to get as she was running from me, yelling "Run! Run away!" and then giggling like a madman.
 She would walk up to these flowers, pat them, and say "touch flower," then run away laughing like she does when she does something "wrong." I wasn't scolding her or telling her no so I'm not sure what she thought she was doing wrong but hey, if that's as rebellious as she gets, I'll count that as a win forever.

I think I have a new favorite photo of Lois.

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