Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy (Early) Halloween!

She dragged that inflatable cat around for about an hour.
I'm writing this post last night.

Well, from your perspective I'm writing it last night. From mine I'm writing it right now.

Let's just call it a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff and move on with it, okay?


We went to a Romp 'n Roll celebration tonight* and bought our little miss a pretty Minnie dress. It came without the ears but I doubt those would have stayed on longer than thirty seconds anyway so that's okay.

The gym was absolutely packed full. Children running everywhere, parents trying in vain to keep up, or giving up completely and slumping against the walls in defeat. My little girl ran around the room, pursued by me, Auntie Amanda, and mommy while she dodged in and out of the (literally) barrels of children (at one point she was run over by a soft barrel that had a child in it and one pushing it so I'm allowed to say "literally") without getting a scratch or bump on her**.

Lois and her favorite Auntie Amanda.
She was so exhausted after an hour and a half of frantic play that we got home, had a small dinner, a short bath, and then she fell asleep on her Auntie Amanda on the couch at 7pm (a full hour before bed time!), causing Auntie Amanda  to have a late dessert because she couldn't bear to put the cuteness to bed.

Mommy must have gotten pretty tired too because she just went to bed (remember, I'm writing this right now, which is last night to you) at 8:30! It was pretty hot in there with all those people so it probably sapped the energy right out of both of them!

Perfectly timed shot of my ladies.
Then again, as shown in the picture to the left, today has kind of been a lazy Sunday. I think the only reason we got Lois into any kind of non-pajamas outfit was because we had to go out into public.

Is that bad? I mean, personally I feel okay not necessarily getting Lois all dressed up in day clothes when we're just chilling at home and nothing big is going on. She's warm and comfy in her PJ's, so I just let her keep them on some days.

If we're going out though, I dress her. We all know that daddy gets comments from strangers if he doesn't make sure his daughter is well-dressed when we go out. Comments like "Mommy must have been tired this morning to let daddy take you out like that, huh little sweetie?"

Have you ever had to remind yourself that it's not okay to shout at old ladies in the grocery store? Is that normal?

*Last night.
** Not counting the bump that's on her.

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