Wednesday, October 9, 2013

If You Have A New Parent In Your Life, Stand Upwind
Sometimes parents, new parents specifically, have issues doing things that you might take for granted. Showering, cleaning the house, going to the grocery store; all of these things are surprisingly a bit harder than normal when you have to take into account a little child who is more likely than not to try eating something deadly the second you take your eyes off of him or her.

Or crying. Try showering with an awake, "not tired" baby, put down in her crib for her own safety. Oh, the tears*.

It makes me feel good that Dave Kellet, relatively famous creator of Sheldon realizes this and shared it with the world: Now we don't need to talk about the "Zone of Stank," we can just refer our childless friends to this comic.

Click to make it bigger. Read it. Laugh at it. Then realize how very, very true it is. Then feel a little sad. Then laugh anyway.

*Remind me some day to tell you how I can't even go use the bathroom without either having to leave the door open so that she can watch me** from the edge of her crib or close it and listen to her crying. Gah!

**My leg. I close the door partly so that she can only see part of me; it seems to work.


  1. Baby on towel on floor in bathroom (laying, then sitting with toys then joining me...) = shower for me.

    1. I could probably have Lois in the bathroom playing with toys while I showered except that it hasn't really been baby-proofed yet and every time we baby-proof something new I'm always hesitant to let her play there because I'm constantly sure I missed something.

      I know, I know, I'm ridiculous.