Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Memory Lane

Remember these things?

Weren't they literally the coolest things in the universe when you were a kid?

You pull them back as far as humanly possible and then let go, laughing in glee as it onomatopoeia's itself for the next thirty seconds. Repeat for an hour or so.

In my head I always called it a "Prang." I was disappointed to find out it's called something so boring as a "door stop."

I think I'm going to keep calling it a "Prang." Capital "P" and all.


Where was I?

Oh, right! The point!

Lois has just discovered this amazing little toy in the hallway. She sat for the last half-an-hour, flipping it back and forth, making the noise, and giggling like a tiny little idio - um - cute baby.

She looked up at me a bit ago and had this look of joy and discovery on her face.

It was just awesome and I wanted to share.

My baby is becoming a person. A person who likes Prangs just like her daddy does**.

I get a front-row seat. I'm a lucky guy.


*My brain keeps trying to make that into some kind of chemical formula and it's kind of bugging me but I'm going to leave it because I believe it's a good representation of the noise. So mote it be.
**And all right-thinking folks.

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