Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Three-Week-Long Plague

The little one still has the Plague. She's had it going on her third week now if my calculations are correct. Then again my calculations have been notoriously bad in the past. I may have once calculated that one quart equaled one tenth of a gallon.

Don't ask.

You'll note a lack of pictures in this post. You can thank me now for that. Pictures this week would have included much grossness and I wanted to spare you that if possible. On a scale of 1 to 10 for grossness, this week I'd have to say it'd be ranked as "Oh my dear sweet lord, what is that coming out of your face?" or maybe "At this point, the snot outweighs her entire body."

She's off her sleep because she's sick. She eats less and won't eat things she'd normally enjoy. She's clingier than normal and the poor baby is just generally miserable. Plus, she can't even go to the baby gym. She doesn't climb on the couches as much (note to Lauren: She now knows the difference between her feet and her nose, climbing safely off the couch most times) but she does wander back and forth, back and forth, down the hallway to the front door, like an old man who is hard of hearing and waiting for someone to come visit, checking the door to see if she missed someone knocking while she was far away.

The little one's mom had the Plague too, last week. It was not the happiest of households to be in. Hopefully I continue to avoid it. I did mention that since I was in a house of sick people for a week and I had to take care of everyone, now that she was feeling better I was pretty sure that meant I got the week of from any responsibility.

That...didn't work.

One note for anybody out there who is about to have a child: Children's medicine for colds isn't to be used for any child under 4, from what I saw today. That means that when (not if) your baby gets a cold and is more miserable than Spongebob without the Krusty Krab or Team Umizoomi without the Umi Car* you have to just let them be, wipe their nose, and let them suffer.

No wonder kids grow up hating their parents!

*No, I don't watch a lot of children's television. Why do you ask?

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