Friday, August 29, 2014

Being a Toddler is Serious Business!

 Sometimes my little girl is so serious as she looks around at this world surrounding us.

Contemplative. Serious. Thoughtful.
 I said "Smile, honey!"

Instead, she tilted her head at me slightly, put the leaf down, and just looked at me, waiting for the picture to be taken.

Also, someone should brush this child's hair.
Dancing, she glared at me when I tried to join in.
 What she's staring at right now is a spider.

It's very difficult not to project my fears onto her. I'm scared of spiders but she's fearless. She just watched it as it crawled around. It left her alone, she left it alone.

I quietly freaked out without showing it because if she's not afraid of them I'm not going to give her reason to be.
Seriousness has its place but sometimes you just have to eat all the green beans!

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