Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Toddlers Live on Air and Sunshine

I'm pretty certain that toddlers can live off of sunshine and air.

I gave Lois her breakfast this morning, Chex cereal that she normally really enjoys, and within five minutes more than half of it was on the floor and maybe two or three pieces had gone down her gullet. Laura had given her some cheese earlier but she had only eaten a few bites of that.

Lois assures me that she's not hungry, both in word ("No, daddy. No hungee.") as well as in deed when she takes any food offered her and throws it on the ground or puts it directly into the garbage. Even her favorite foods are of no interest to her.

We gave drunk baby whisky for her birthday, as evidence by this picture.
In other news, I should have posted on the 3rd to wish my little one a happy birthday and to let you all know that she is officially 2 years old now.

That's right. It's been 2 whole years. And that's insane.

I'll do a retrospective this Friday. Maybe. If she allows me to; she's in charge of my time these days.

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