Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our Family Weekend

This weekend we went out as a family to enjoy the Bristol Renaissance Fair and it was fantastic! We all enjoyed ourselves in our own way, and at the end of the day, Lois slept like a rock.

She got to see and experience new things, we got to enjoy sights old and new to us, and generally it was just a great day.

These aren't pictures of Lois (except this first one) but they're things that we all, including Lois, enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too!

 Lois saw this cosplayer walking toward us and yelled out "Tiger! C'mere tiger!" I asked if I could take the "tiger's" picture and they stopped to pose. Lois yelled from her seat in her stroller (tired of walking - this was a few hours into the day) and I asked if they'd mind coming to say hello. They did and it was awesome.

The picture above here was actually taken by a complete stranger and I gave the gentleman my card, asking him to email it to me. I'm honestly surprised he did, and very happy.

Side note: As I'm writing this Lois saw the picture and yelled "Hi tiger!" Then she started petting the screen.
 This young lady sat by the tree enjoying the shade. I asked if I could take a photograph and she posed. I tend to ask everyone, even if in costume, if I can take their picture. I'd rather ask than offend.
 A falconry demonstration. Lois really loved seeing the birds swoop and dive! She yelled at them every time one came into view.

The people around us didn't seem to mind too much; she was more entertaining than one of the presenters.
 I went over to the hooded birds and grabbed a picture of them. As I snapped this one I heard Lois scream in delight from behind me.

Apparently the falcon had just swooped directly overhead and I had missed it but she hadn't.

Thankfully it didn't try to take her with it!
 There's a bridge (called "The Queen's Bridge") across a swamp at the fair and it's filled with turtles, minnows, and Koi.

A nice swamp, as far as swamps go. Lois liked the turtles quite a bit!

Goodnight, Lois. Sleep tight. It seems that 6 hours out in the sun walking, riding, and experiencing new things is a bit tiring.

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