Monday, August 25, 2014

Dance With Me!

"Dance with me, daddy! Dance with me!" She ran across the room as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song played and grabbed me by the front of the shirt, trying to haul me to my feet.

Laughing, I stood up and joined her on the carpet. She spun in circles yelling "Dance! Dance!" I pulled out my best dance moves, perfectly in sync with the AWESOME music. After a moment I realized she had stopped spinning and was watching me. I thought maybe she was going to start mimicking my dance moves.


After a minute of watching me she stepped up, grabbed my shirt, and lead me back to the couch. She pushed me back into the seat, leaned in so that we were almost nose-to-nose, and quietly whispered, "Lay down, daddy. Lay down. Me dance. You lay down."

"Daddy is so embarrassing I'll just live in this tunnel forever."

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