Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tunnels. Tubes. Toddler.

 I believe Grammy Pammy bought Lois this colorful chair except that it's not a chair: It's a tunnel! It springs open when we undo the velcro and forms a very long toddler tunnel that Lois loves to play in.

It gets a little large for the living room so it's normally folded up. It's only recently that Lois decided she didn't care what shape it was in as long as it has an opening that she can crawl through.
 She wore it like this for about an hour, running around the house, barely avoiding killing herself on table corners and the like by pure luck (and her daddy stopping her from time to time).
 She really had a lot of fun and thought it was funnier than anything else she's seen in her life.

She loves that tunnel, no matter whether it's folded up or three times her size.

She used it like this for quite a while, finding a comfortable position and then refusing to leave it until she got hungry.
 One day Lois decided that her legs were a tunnel and so she tried to climb through them upside-down.

I think it got her very dizzy because she laughed like a maniac the entire time.

Ridiculous baby!
Speaking of a ridiculous baby, here you can see one in her natural habitat: The laundry bin.

She was having some trouble getting in, crying because it was blocking her entry.

As a good daddy I absolutely helped her figure it out.

Right after taking a few pictures.
I don't even know what to say.

My daughter's a dork.

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