Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Early Morning, aka "Blergh Blog"

I told a hilarious joke. The punchline (and set-up) was "Pthbtbtbtbt!" 
 I've been up since way too early o'clock with this little girl who just doesn't want to sleep. Mommy was up first but I relieved her after an hour or so and I might be on the verge of getting to go back to bed two hours later. We'll see. If not, well, it IS almost 7 AM already and I'll just stay up.

I can't really brain well at the moment because tired but I wanted to share some photos of my wonderful little girl with the world.

Look at those amazing blue eyes!
 This way, too, I'm looking at pictures of cuteness and staving off the random urge to growl her to sleep.

That's a technique, right? When they won't sleep, growl at them and they'll be so confused that they'll fake sleep, which will turn into real sleep?

(Of course, sitting here, two hours into trying to get her to sleep, I just realized that the real problem is probably that she's teething, as I mentioned yesterday, and she's probably in a little discomfort. Poor girl - daddy's an idiot and forgot that we have baby Tylenol that can help with that. Hopefully this works and
She really likes avocado!
There is no caption here, just cuteness.
I will shortly have a sleeping baby on my hands.)

Well, while I try to get this little girl comfortable and get myself back to sleep for an hour or two, enjoy these couple of pictures of my beautiful little baby girl.

Aww, poor baby-girl. I think daddy said "No ponies until you're older."

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