Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh, That? That's Not A Trash Compactor: That's Just The Baby.

She ate half the avocado and wore the other half.
Food time is fun time! With the inclusion of "having teeth" on the baby's list of "new things that prove I'm growing up"* she's started enjoying new foods, from baby food in a jar to little baby-snacks that look like Cheetos, and including things like cut-up bits of avocado, seen here.

I thought it was pretty cool when her first tooth came in, right in the middle of her mouth on the bottom. Overnight - boom - tooth. Neat!

And then a second sprouted besides the first. Adorable!

And then today it happened: the third appeared. You'd think I'd be just as enamored.

Except that I found out about the third tooth when she was grinding it against the bottom two. It's growing in directly above the first two and she's learned that when she grinds them together, the pain of teething is lessened.

That sound. That wretched, horrible, debilitating sound, could be played to enemy combatants on the field of war and it would make them all stop and shudder as it ratcheted about their brain. The horrible grinding sound, on par with when a fork scrapes across a plate accidentally, and above nails on a chalkboard.

See? Teeth! (Moments later, she bit my knee, seen here pre-wound.)
I assumed, as would all right-thinking people, that grinding her teeth would be bad for her. I immediately turned to Dr. Google and here is what it had to say.**

For those of you with children, I have to ask: Did they grind their teeth? How long did it last? Was there anything you could do to get them to stop?

I understand it may be a way for her to reduce teething pain so I don't necessarily want to make her stop but that noise? That noise will drive me insane inside of a week.

She's also learning to stand with a little help, so there's that.
Well, insaner.

*Mommy hates this list.
**Since it disagreed with me I of course checked multiple other sources. Which also all disagreed with what I wanted to find. Dang it.

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  1. Eric is still grinding his teeth. Just FYI. Surely Lois will stop before she's nine years old. Yeah, she'll stop. I think.