Sunday, May 19, 2013

This Post Is Dedicated To The Introverts

One of the things that may surprise you about me is that I'm actually fairly intensely introverted. This doesn't mean that I don't like being around friends, I really do! I enjoy social interaction and like being out and about but I recharge differently. I like my alone time; it gives me a chance to relax.

And let me tell you, having a baby is the absolute best excuse in the world for an introvert.

Before the baby a conversation about not really feeling like going out might go like this:

Extroverted Friend: "Wanna come hang out tonight with me and 30 of my closest friends? It'll be a blast!"
Me: "I'm not really feeling up for that, I'm sorry."
EF: "What?! That's crazy!! Get off your butt and get out here, man! We're gonna  par-tay!!"
Me: "Nah, I really can't. I'm just going to curl up with the computer and a book. Next time, though, I'll come, I promise!"
EF: "Nope. I won't accept no for an excuse. I'll come kidnap you. You're coming! Forget it, dude!"
Me: (Lying now since the truth doesn't work) "Okay, I didn't want to say anything but actually I have stomach problems, and I have horrible gas, I'm running to the bathroom every five minutes, I feel..."
EF: "TMI, man! Okay. Next time!"


EF: "Wanna come hang out tonight with me and 30 of my closest friends? It'll be a blast!"
Me: "Sorry man, the baby needs a bath tonight and I need to get her to sleep early. Next time though?"
EF: "Oh, yeah, totally cool! Next time!"

So, introverts, here's your chance at unlimited excuses to stay home! Have a baby! It's the perfect plan and I can see absolutely no down sides! So go! Make babies!

And to those friends who are wondering if I've used this technique on you let me assure you that I have.


I have not. That's what I meant to say up there. I have not.

I'm going to stop typing now before I get myself in trouble.

For those of you who are only here for baby photos.

This is dedicated to Lauren Filing Jointly who I've only followed for a while but have come to really enjoy reading. She's fairly introverted and just found out that she's pregnant! Go congratulate her!

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