Friday, May 3, 2013

How Life Changes, Part One In An Infinite Series

One of the things that I've noticed has changed in my life is my search history on Google. Let me give you a sample of what the top five searches were for a year ago. Some of these searches may be worded slightly differently but you'll get the gist:

5. Classy pictures of beautiful women
4. Free arcade games
3. Dr Who free download
2. Classy videos of beautiful women enjoying each other's company
1. Jeremiah Fargo*

And let's compare that to what my top five searches are now that I have my darling little baby:

5. Can I give my baby rum?
4. Black tar like baby poop
3. Dangerous if in baby's mouth
2. Music to soothe baby to sleep
1. Are you sure I can't give my baby rum? If not, how much can I have?

Things have changed a bit. Just a bit.

*Yes, I'm narcissistic enough to Google myself.

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