Monday, May 27, 2013

And She Was So Excited

We're on vacation in South Carolina, spending time with Aunt Cynthia! Today we all took a trip down to Charles Towne Landing and enjoyed some time in the sun.

I was super excited about the area with the animals both for myself and for the little one. I thought she might enjoy seeing the new animals! I should have remembered a few things:

A) She's only ten months old. This alone should have been a big sign that I was being overzealous.
B) I've done this before.
C) No, seriously, I didn't think this through.

She did seem to enjoy the deer, yelling at them as though they are our cats at home and she wanted them to come to her so she could pull their tails. It was cute as she screamed at the enclosure, her baby voice echoing through the woods, "HEY!"

The deer were unfazed.
After the deer we wandered through the encroaching woods, passing people and animals alike. We came to a bridge area, pumas on one side of us and a black bear on the other!

And that was when I realized I had made a mistake. My little girl, still too young to really care about what she was seeing? The one that is only 10 months old and has no idea that these animals should excite her?


I'm an idiot.

She enjoyed today just as much as the San Antonio Zoo. *sigh*

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