Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reporting In!

I'm adorable!
Hi everybody! We're just reporting in to let you know that things here are going well and we should be returning home from vacation a little later today!

We had a great time here in SC with Aunt Cynthia, and went to some really awesome places that I never would have known existed without Cynthia's guidance. We saw animals, walked the trails and places that the first SC settlers walked, and got to visit some beautiful gardens at a local plantation.

Lois slept through it all, of course, but at her age you really can't blame her. She DID laugh at a peacock, met an overly-excited 9-year-old Boxer (the dog, not the kind that punch), which she absolutely loved, and got to know family members that she's never before met.

It will be good to be home but it was good to go out and see a new part of the world. I can't wait until this little booger-butt is old enough to appreciate these things, or at least squeal at the animals a bit more so that I can pretend she's appreciating it!

Overall, it's been an extremely rewarding trip and I look forward to having many many more with this little munchkin and her mommy.

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