Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five Things Friday

(Umm...this was supposed to go up yesterday. Pretend it went up yesterday.)

This concept has been shamelessly stolen from Lauren Filing Jointly who you should be reading if you're not because she's hilarious. The concept is simple: During the week, things come up that aren't worth a whole post but that I want to share with you. If I collect enough of them, I share them with you on Friday! So, here are some snippets from the week!

1. Have you seen this list of some absolutely amazing parenting? I mean that genuinely and with no sarcasm. These are some awesome parents. Some made me laugh, some made me go "aww." Check it out!

2. Laura leaves tomorrow for a trip to Florida where she will be ensconced in higher learning with her peers until the end of the week.. I'm very excited for her opportunity and am sure that it will be absolutely amazing for her. In the mean time, I'm not sure how I feel about my upcoming week! I'm a little terrified that I'm going to somehow mess up the baby in a week. Then again, there are a few video projects I've wanted to work on for the blog that Laura probably would have nixed so while the mom is away, the children will play? *insert evil laughter here*

3. I am no longer allowed to say the following: "You only have one tooth? Are you a Southerner  or something?" She now has four teeth. FOUR! This means that she's no longer allowed to chew on our fingers because holy crap are baby teeth sharp! They're the second-sharpest thing in the world, next to baby fingernails. This chart shows the deadliness of fingernails:
credit to:

4. My silly little daughter has picked up a new "word." It's a baby babble of "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" She'll do this while grabbing feet and necks, legs and arms. Of course she will also do this to her bottle, her toys, and shoes so she doesn't quite "get" it yet but it's adorably hilarious.

5. She can crawl! It's not the perfect crawl of arm/leg/arm/leg, and more of an arm/kick out both legs to move forward/fall down on face/pick self up on arms/repeat kind of thing but it's forward motion while on her stomach instead of the move she used to do on her back of kick feet/scootch head/repeat! I'd be happier about this development (I was worried she was a little behind on her crawling) but now this means that I can't just plop her down in one area and expect her to stay there.

Well, that's all I have time for. I have to stop the baby from eating the cat food! 

...maybe I should invest in a baby leash...

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