Monday, February 24, 2014

A Few Small Things

Lois has started counting. She'll usually start at "two" and goes as high as "nine" but never starts at "one." She showed me this new talent the other day as we were climbing down the stairs. She started with "two, three" and when she hit "four" I realized that, no, she really WAS counting!

My cheer when she said "seven" startled her enough that she stopped counting.



Our upstairs neighbor calls Lois "Lo-lo." I don't know why this bothers me so much but it annoys me like a piece of burdock in my shoe.

This is the same lady who said, upon first seeing Lois, "I'm just going to sneak in and kidnap her!"

Laura assures me that this woman is just a friendly, lonely old woman and that I was right to not immediately go all Papa Bear on her.


A new development as of a couple weeks ago that I forgot to mention, and a shout-out to Lauren Filing-Jointly, who is awesome and you should be reading. She has a new little one too, so go congratulate her!

And read her because she's hilarious. I said so.

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