Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Never-Ending Cry: "It's Not Fair!"

Every parent hears it. Every parent dreads it.

Every parent says it:

"It's not fair!"

I get out of bed, most mornings, between 6 AM and 6:30 AM. This isn't so I can get ready to go to a job or so I can secretly clean the house before my two favorite ladies wake up. No.

This is because I like a little me time in the morning. I like to get up to an empty house, take my shower, relax, catch up on some blogs, and maybe play a few quick games here and there.

This morning, Lois was awake before me and would not be soothed back to sleep.

It's not fair!

Yes, logically, I know that it's ridiculous to expect that Lois will sleep in until 7:45 every morning, giving me almost two hours of time to relax but there's a little part of my brain that insists that that is my time, and she can't have it!

It's not fair!

On the plus side, of course, this means I get subjected to some cuteness early in the morning. It's not that I mind sharing the time with her; it's just that I mind sharing the time at all. Yes, it's true that normally all she wants at this

point is to curl up on my lap, suck her thumb, and watch some tv but...but...

It's not fair!

On the up side, of course, there's the fact that she went down for her nap an hour early. Maybe she'll stay down for that nap until her normal wake up time, giving me an extra hour?

Whoops. Never mind. Crying baby woke up after an hour of being down and is showing no signs of going back to sleep.

Say it with me, folks:

It's not fair!

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