Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Picture Post

The little one ponders the Universe while in her car seat, which is in the house due to having needed a thorough cleaning.

"Does that make it a house seat?" She wonders.
Too cool for school, she loved her foray outside!

The snow has since melted, sadly, and now the ground is naught but mud.
Yeah. She pulls the chair out on her own now and climbs up.

I'm totally not worried about her falling. Nope, not at all. Seeing just this picture didn't make me worry about it again. Nuh-uh. Definitely not.
I have to be honest: She loved having her car seat in the house so much that I'm half tempted to get her a second one just for in the house.

I'm not going to but I'm tempted!
Dear daughter,

Please give me back my camera until you learn how to take a picture properly.

And by "properly" I do not mean simply "in focus" otherwise this would be a great picture.


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