Monday, February 3, 2014

She's Too Smart For My Own Good

I snuck into her room when she got quiet, expecting trouble but instead...
Yesterday as I was cleaning the house, Lois was helping make a mess, to keep me busy. There were some cups on the table and she knocked one off the table and onto the ground right at her feet. Since I'm trying to teach her to clean up (and she often does help*) I got her attention and said "Now, Lois. You knocked down the cup, so I need you to pick it up please."

Looking at me she moved around the table, now about five feet away from where she had knocked down the cup. She looked at me, then bent over to peer under the table at the cup, looked back at me, pointed at the cup and said, very clearly, "It's too far."

She continued to play as I sat there thunderstruck. When I could think again, I laughed so hard I think I hurt something.

Life is going to be interesting with this little one around.

*For some degree of help that includes taking things out of where they belong at least as much as putting things back into where they belong.

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