Friday, February 7, 2014

Picture Friday: Extra Large Edition!

Continuing in the tradition of sitting in anything she can fit in, here we see Lois sitting in the doll crib hand-made for her by Uncle Jim.

She really loves it but she doesn't understand why we keep putting her dolls in it.

I walked into the room to check on her to find her like this, "reading" a book propped up on the table.
 I remember, not all that long ago, when she encountered her first climbing wall. She couldn't even walk yet but that climbing wall held some draw to her and I knew that some day she'd be climbing.

She can now get halfway up this climbing wall before asking for daddy's help.
 Speaking of asking for daddy's help, today she climbed down these tumble cylinders on her own for the first time, without ever looking for any help from daddy.

Is there a word for being proud while also being slightly sad because you know an era of some kind just ended/began?

That's how I felt while taking this picture.
 Romp n' Roll has added a few new things and this is one of her favorites. I'm pretty sure she's using it wrong but I won't tell her that; she loves it the way she plays with it (and when she curls up in it to take a 5 second nap) so I'm okay with it.
 I am not a bad dad.

Stop looking at me like that.

Moments after this picture was taken I threw a green rubber ball at her and bounced it off her belly.

Seriously, why do people keep looking at me like that?

She laughed. I swear!
 I was moments too late on the draw of the camera to catch her sitting in her folded-up tunnel but she was sitting in it, playing with her Mega-Bloks.
 I think my daughter is in some kind of baby gang. She often flips me gang signs.

Or she's actually learning the American Sign Language that I'm trying to teach her.

I'm hoping for the latter but she's trouble so I'm watching for signs of baby-gang-related activity.
 Sitting with mommy she's at peace, relaxed, and a perfect angel. She absolutely loves when she can snuggle up with mommy, especially in the lackadaisical mornings.

And I'm pretty sure mommy treasures every stolen snuggle moment, too.
Let's take a vote: Haircut or no haircut?

It doesn't matter how the vote goes; mommy has already voted "no" so "no haircut" wins!

Congratulations for everyone who was going to vote "no haircut," you win!

I love this photo. Mom and Lois are on their way into Romp n' Roll, holding hands, walking into the parking lot.

It's the first time I've really seen them walking hand-in-hand like that and it made me squee a little.

Yes. I squee. Deal with it.

Lois will have to.

There are cat ears on her coat. CAT EARS.

Far too adorable.

Here we see the rare "Crying Lois" in the wild. Why is Lois crying, you might ask? Well that's simple:

Daddy is horrible.

Daddy has no idea what he did to make her cry but he's sure it was his fault somehow.

(Two minutes later we were snuggled on the couch, watching Bubble Guppies.)
"If I fits, I sits."

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