Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Friday!

I call these first two photos "Quick, honey, grab the camera!"

First you take the picture, then you rescue the baby and whatever their object of desire/destruction might be.

That's parenthood in a nutshell, right?
 On this one I'll admit to a bit of a fail:

See that thing she's chewing on?

That used to be one of the ends of a blind.

She pulled it off while I was snapping pictures of her and I didn't even notice until she started chewing on it.
Every now and then I can get her to keep her bow in her hair so that she can see the world around her.
 Nap time! That time when daddy gets to sit back, relax, and put up posts on his blog!

This picture may or may not have been taken less than 20 minutes ago. I'm not telling.
 This contraption that Lois is sitting/bouncing on looks like a long inflatable balance beam. Apparently it's a bouncy thingy. I know this because Lois has shown me how to properly use it.

She bounced on this thing for almost a full hour the other day.

Then she took a nap.

I like this bouncy thingy.
She LOVES running.
 Grammy Pam came over yesterday and hung out with us for a while. I snapped this picture without them noticing until after it was taken. To date it's my favorite picture of the two of them together.
After an hour and a half of hard play at Romp n' Roll, she chilled out like this watching the other kids play for a good ten minutes.

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