Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No, Really, Please: Take A Nap!

I swear I didn't tell her that Santa's not real.
I love my adorable and amazing little daughter more than words can accurately express, you should never doubt that. She and her mommy the center of my world and all I want at this point is to make sure that they are both happy.

That being said, allow me to be horrible and selfish for a minute.

Some days, much like today, she's high-energy and low tolerance when I'm low-energy and low tolerance. She cries at the slightest offense and has started throwing the proverbial "hissy fit" over seemingly anything.

Did daddy brush the milk she was holding? Better throw it on the floor in anger and then follow it to the floor, screaming at the top of her lungs while flailing her arms.

Did the kitty run away from her? Better cry and scream.

Did daddy put a blanket over her feet to try and make sure she was nice and warm? Better reward him by trying to throw herself off the couch face-first, then run over and beat her face into the (soft and cushioned) chair while crying and snotting all over the place.

If I were a little higher energy, had a little more tolerance today (like I normally do), it wouldn't be a big deal at all. Today though it just all seems like, well, not "too much" but very much on the edge.

Not horrible. Not like I need to call in the reinforcements.

No, just like I need to put her down for her nap half an hour early so that both of us can relax a bit.


Except that after 5 minutes of peace she started crying. Then she started kicking the wall. The the wailing started. I checked on her at this point, afraid her foot was caught in the slats or something.

Nope. As soon as I came around the door she smiled at me, stood, and said "Up!"

Since I've started writing this she's calmed down. She's still awake and talking but not upset. It's getting close to her actual nap time so maybe she'll go off to sleep; either way, a little baby quiet time won't hurt her or me.

I'm far from perfect, no matter how I may portray myself here. I don't talk here often about days like today but they happen. I'm pretty sure they happen to everyone. Pretty sure.


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