Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Morning Quickies

I put the little one down for some afternoon baby-quiet time (she doesn't have to nap, but she spends an hour in her crib doing whatever she wants; playing with toys, reading a book, etc) and she was very adamant that it was not time for baby quiet time. As I left she immediately launched into her litany against her father:

"Bad dad! Dad, no! Dad bad! Dad, dad, dad, bad, bad, no, dad, bad!"

After a few minutes of railing against the system she began making noises that indicated she was reading a book I had put in there with her. After a few minutes though she had one more thing to yell. I swear it was "Butthead!"


A friend of mine sent me this link to 32 More of the CREEPIEST Things Ever Said by Kids, a post written by Single Dad Laughing, one of my new favorite blogs. Even if you don't want to be severely creeped out by how creepy kids are, I suggest you go to the blog and read a bunch of the other stuff he has up there!

The other night (speaking of creepy kids), Lois woke up and was calling out "Dad! Dad! Dad!"

I got up, checked her diaper, and since it was fine decided we would cuddle for a few minutes before I would put her back to bed (it was 3 AM at this point). I sat in the chair, at which point she pulled her head back, put her hand on my chin and looked deep into my eyes.

She leaned in and whispered "Bye-bye, daddy."


Lois climbs up onto things now. A lot. She's like a tiny, slow-moving parkour artist.* The other day I "looked away for a second**" and when I looked back she was standing on top of our dining room table, dancing.

I'd just like everyone to acknowledge that there is not a picture of this here because I am a good daddy and instead of picking up my camera, I went and saved my baby.

Thank you.

*Credit to my friend Adam Danoff for the phrase.
**This is the equivalent to telling your insurance agent that the other guy "came out of nowhere." It's your fault. You were not paying enough attention. It still has to be said though, of course.

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