Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Picture Post

We've given Lois free reign of her own room now. I walked in the other day to find her in her chair, looking at me innocently as though she weren't trying to get into trouble.

I was immediately suspicious.
I later came in to find her reaching for the one thing in the room that wasn't for her.

Of course.
She still loves the box she got for Christmas. I'm glad we bought her all those toys so that she can play with them in her favorite box ever.

 I recently cleaned out some of the toy boxes. Lois has found a new favorite box!
This morning we cuddled up to watch some Paw Patrol while mommy slept (mommy didn't get home until 2 AM from her Chicago trip) and Lois brought her monkey with her.

She loves her monkey almost as much as she loves sitting in boxes!

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