Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Picture Post!

 The day Lois was sick she fell asleep in my arms. She went from "I'm wide awake" to "eyes completely closed and snoring every so slightly."

She was adorable but I was worried at this point, as you'll soon see.
 I was honestly trying to smile when I took this picture. The problem was that I was worried about her being sick and her falling asleep so quickly; even my smile came out as a worried frown.

As I write this, she is better. I'm telling my past self not to worry so much, that she'll be okay.
 At Rompy's, Lois is starting to get interested in the equipment for the "big kids" and I think it's awesome!

She still doesn't understand the concept of "hanging on" but she'll get there eventually! Right now I lift her up, she grabs the rings and then lets go the moment any of her body weight is put on her hands.

It's a slow and steady process.
 Here, we have the naughty baby trying to climb up on the cat tower.

This is the one thing we consistently have to discipline (time out, 30 seconds) her for. She stops for a day or two and then back she goes.
"Did I leave the stove on?"

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