Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jerk Baby

Lois kept her mommy up all night. Daddy didn't get home from his night out doing karaoke until 1:30 AM but after that Lois kept mommy AND daddy up. Her diaper needed changing, she needed a drink, she randomly woke up sad and lonely, a shadow looked like an angry clown. I don't know why she was up (except for the diaper and drink), I just know she was up all night.

Mommy brought the little one into our bed to snuggle, which didn't really happen. The adults tried to sleep while the little one did her best to punch mommy in the stomach while kicking daddy in the nose and biting the cat. At 7:30 I decided I'd had enough and brought her out into the living room with me so that at least one of us adults could get some sleep.

Lois is now sitting next to me on the couch, sucking her thumb, sound asleep.


  1. Children are assholes. Make no mistake about it. Cute assholes, but still assholes. The cute is what allows them to survive to adulthood. And get hugs even after they have punched you in the face. And while you are hugging them, they will wipe the snot from their noses on your shirt. And that is when you know that adorable, small assholes who hug you are always going to win.

    1. A (childless) friend of mine once said "Children are so innocent and amazing! They just want love and give it back 10 fold!" Or something like that. I didn't hear it all because I kept laughing.

      This friend did not understand why I laughed at them. Children are assholes.

      Adorable, lovable, assholes. You're right.