Monday, January 20, 2014

Travel Report (Pictures!)

Last week we were visiting friends in Maryland. Lois got to play with all new toys, experience new places, play with new friends, and pet a lab puppy.

She was in heaven and loved pretty much every moment of it.

I think the puppy, on the other hand, was ready for us to leave by the second day we were there.

We stayed three more.

Our friend's home is a bit larger than our own, and more wide-open. Lois got to run around a lot, chase her new friend Hope around, and be chased in turn.

She was much tireder than normal, which was nice since the three of us shared one room; being tired meant that she slept fairly well.

This is Minnie and she liked curling up on the couch near the adults, out of reach of the children, when she wasn't chasing the children around trying to herd them all into one room.

She's a good dog.

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