Monday, January 6, 2014

What My Daughter Did

Here she is, pretending adorable innocence.
When putting pants onto Lois I say "Pants" and she puts her legs straight out in the perfect position for sliding the pants easily in place. It's great!

Except it has become a game, lately. She moves her feet out of the way, dances, and generally wiggles.

Today was different.

Today my daughter proved she's an evil baby genius.

I had finished changing her, got her pants out, and said "Pants!"

She squirmed her feet out of the way, looked me dead in the eyes and responded "Say please."

I was more than a little startled. As I hesitated she continued to wiggle and generally be a pants-less nuisance. She looked at me again, "Say please!"

So I did. "Pants, please."

She laughed and continued to squirm.

"Say princess!"

I blinked several times, wrestled her into her pants, and we will never talk of this incident again.

Here she is, telling her monkey minion how daddy's a sucker.

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