Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Funny Girl

I was writing something else here first but then this just happened:

Lois played with my goatee and when I put her down (to stop her from yanking my hair) she reached up to her chin and started feeling around. It was adorable and hilarious.

Now, on to what I was saying before:

"I'm reading, daddy. Please do not interrupt me."
Laura and I had a field day with this photo opportunity, our flashes flashing like something that does something a whole bunch.

The more I look at this photo the more it makes me grin and chuckle because not only is she reading a book but she's reading a book at a table. She's reading a book at a table, while sitting in a box.

What you can't see is that the television was on behind her, trying to get her attention and she preferred to flip through this book several times.

If I didn't know it already, this confirms it: we have an absolutely amazing little daughter on our hands.

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