Thursday, August 30, 2012

Human Pacifier

So, I may have lied. It's not that I meant to lie; I truly believed at the time of writing that article that my beautiful little girl was a genius and had mastered the art of soothing herself using a pacifier. I was so happy that she was calm, relaxed, and obviously a truly brilliant baby.

I was wrong.

So. Wrong.

She has decided that a pacifier just will not do. She will shake her head as I try to hold the pacifier (also known as a "binky") in place to get her to soothe with it, smack my hand away with her tiny little baby hands, and generally fuss. Fuss loudly, with screaming, crying and red-facedness as though I am attempting to do something truly horrible like make her eat Brussels sprouts.

If I put my pinkie finger into her mouth, however? Instantly quiet, relaxed little baby with big open blue eyes staring at the world in mute wonder as she sucks quietly at the tip of my finger. Of course I also have to be holding her with my other arm for this to work or she quickly returns to fussing, meaning that both my arms are now busy.

Congratulations, Daddy. You are now nothing more than a big human pacifier. Well done.


  1. don't worry superdad. :)
    PS: It can take a few trials and errors to find the right pacifier for your baby.
    3 'pacifactors'
    1) It's the wrong shape in my mouth >:[
    2) It's too big! >:[
    3) I can't breathe!! >:[

    1. Thank you, this actually really helped! Laura went out and snagged a new pair of pacifiers for our baby that are a little longer and more bulbous; she loves them (at the moment)!