Friday, August 31, 2012

Let's Not Tell Mom

Every now and then I'll run an idea past Laura to see if she'll be on-board with the idea or if I'll get The Look. More often than not I get The Look and the idea has the kibosh put on it.

For example, I had a great idea for a post on here that would have included a picture of our baby in the mesh bag that hangs from the side of our play crib with a big red circle and strike through over the top of it to show that you should NOT do this with the baby. It was, honestly, the first thought I had when I saw the bag hanging from the side of the crib: "I should put the baby in that bag. It looks like she'd be comfortable!"

I thought this was hilarious and a great idea for a post, as I said, but I got The Look instead. I've become quickly adept at reading exactly what it says when sent my way so please allow me translate it for you in very simple terms:

"I am not sure why I allow you to spend time alone with our baby. This is obviously a bad idea as your hare-brained idea has just proven and I'm thinking that maybe I should hire a babysitter to stay here and watch you when I leave you to watch the child to make sure you don't do anything dumb. Also, if I see that picture show up on your website you are a dead man, or maybe a eunuch depending on my mood."

So today I learned two lessons:

1. Don't put the baby in the hanging bag on the side of the playpen.

2. I need to find an intermediary source to tell these ideas to before I tell Laura who can tell me whether or not this is an idea I should share with her or if I should maybe keep this idea to myself.

Any takers?