Friday, August 24, 2012

The Conversations We Have

Our daughter is going to be subject to conversations similar to this her entire life:

*while the baby is feeding Laura explains to Lois what's happening in our surroundings and then turns to me*
Her: I just want to keep her abreast of the situation.
Me: *groans* That is such a bad pun, you boob.
Her: Don't be udderly ridiculous!
Me: I'm going to stop feeding you lines; you're just milking the situation.
Her: I'm just giving tit for tot.
Me: *groans, shaking head* That just sucked.

Our little girl is going to be SO lucky to have us as parents! We'll take any reason to latch on to a pun war!



  1. Do yourself a favor and find a good psychiatrist and put him/her on retainer now...

  2. I think you are milking this for all it is worth.

    1. That's true. What can I say? I'm drinking in all the praise.